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中国反导拦截试验成功 美国愤青们抓狂了

2010-1-13 13:11

  China says missile defense system test successful (AP)

  Yahoo! News - Made Popular: 3 hours ago AP - China's military successfully tested a system for intercepting missiles in mid-flight on Monday, state media reported. ? Full Story on Yahoo! News




  How did they test it? Did they fire a missile at themselves and see if it got

  through? I find that is the best way.



  Isn't this the technology that we gave to them? It sure feels good being bent over this barrel they have us over. We have too many Oval Office holders to thank for this.


  WOW! So scarry! The "MOST POWERFUL" country!



  And our open policy gave them the power!



  Yeah, I believe it was the Clinton administration that OK'ed the sale of GM's subsidiary that had the technology that made this possible. It was a magnet company that made all the guidance systems for our missiles possible. We were assured the plant would remain in the U.S. as well. You can guess where it is now. The company was called Magna something I think, we sold it for chump change....like 80 million. Now they're using the technology to threaten us. Go figure. Freakin' politicians!


  And these are your Global friends that you buy Crap from everyday.....get real people, there are no friends when it comes to buying your goods from, they want your money and you are giving it to them to build up there defenses with.....you should have supported your own factories & Unions but you chose to support the enemy...



  And we have borrowed so much money from them that if they wanted to they could own us in a New York minute.



  Unfortunately they already own us. Thanks to our great politicians. I've been trying not to buy chinese junk but it's almost impossible. Just wait until the chinese cars arrive. Since they call the shots, we can't deny them.


  You can thank Bernard Schwartz (of Loral Space & Communications), a Bill Clinton supporter and donor for this. For the sale of guidance and satellite technology to China in the 1990's.

  You can thank Wen Ho Lee for ripping off Los Alamos national laboratories for this.

  You can thank John Huang for this. Chi-Com party member and Clinton Donor.

  You can thank Johnny Chung for this. Chi-Com party member and Clinton Donor.

  And those are just a few.

  They can't innovate anything over there - but they sure can steal and copy it. With help of course, by our dip-sh!t round-eye politicians who do not understand the history of civilizations...

  你得感谢巴纳德`施华兹(Loral 空间&通信),他赞助了克林顿且促成了这件事,九十年代把卫星导航技术卖给中国人了。

  你得感谢李文和从Los Alamos国家实验室把这玩意儿偷出来。






  Dumbest thing I've read all day. They can't figure out missile tech, but the good ol' US can come up with it on its own? What are you, 12 years old? Never heard how the US got its rocket tech? From the Germans! W/o Werner von Braun and all the Nazi scientists we gathered from WWII, our firecrackers would still be blowing up on the pad. Sorry, pal, the world is not a simple place.

  我今天看的最SB的回帖了。他们不能研究出蛋蛋,伟大的美利坚自己就能了?你多大了,12?没听说过美国哪儿来的火箭技术吗?德国人!没有二战后缴获的Wernher von Braun和那帮纳粹科学家,我们的炮仗这会儿还纸上谈兵呢!对不起啊伙计,世界不是那么简单的。


  The Clinton administration (Ron Brown) approved the sale of a General Dynamics missle production facility in Ohio to the Chinese. They packaged it up lock, stock and barrel (and blueprints) and put it on a train to San Diego and on a ship to China. Ron Brown was called to testify before congress how and why it was approved (his son was a registered lobbyist for the Chinese). In a very convenient coincidence, the plane carrying Brown crashed on its way home for him to testify.This reportedly gave the Chinese a twenty-five year jump start on guidance systems.

  LookingUp, this wassn't 1940s rocketry. It was cutting-edge computer guidance systems technology. While VanBraun, et al did help advance our rocketry in the 50s, I doubt sixty years later "our firecrackers would still be blowing up on the pad."

  克林顿政府(Ron Brown)确实批准了把俄亥俄一个通用动力(General Dynamics)的蛋蛋制造设备卖给中国人,全套包括图纸打包装箱上火车运到圣地亚哥再坐船去了中国。国会要求Ron Brown出庭作证怎么批准的,为啥批准(他儿子是中国人的说客,挂了号的)。怎么就那么巧,Brown去出庭的坐的飞机失事了。据说中国因此在导航系统上少奋斗25年。

  LookingUp筒子,这可不是四十年代的火箭技术了。这是高精尖电脑导航系统技术哎。虽说Van Braun他们五十年代确实帮助了我们火箭技术的进步吧,我怀疑六十年过去了“我们的炮仗这会儿还纸上谈兵呢”不至于吧。

  Ahhh...it should be succesful.....we gave them the know how I am sure ...or someone did. Either way no big deal they are doing it for self defense.



  No big deal eh?? You could act like you care a little. That's the kind of attitude that led to 9/11.....

  I guess in 50 years when your grandkids are speaking Chinese it will be time to sound the alarm.

  It's hard to blame our politicians when the average "Joe" doesn't care either. Sad.




  What happened to our defense shield program?!!!!!

  I hope the money isn't going to bums. My wife and kids aren't bums, and they deserve to have our tax dollars used for national defense.




  Odumba has an agenda to weaken us. Simple as that.


  Jennifer S

  obama scrapped it!


  China disrupt ties with Washington, that is good news. Now only if they stop trade. It would be the best news for our country.



  I gave you a thumbs up......but that won't carry water. Look who is financing all our debt. We a slaves to the Chinese. We can do nothing without their approval. It sucks. There's no politically correct way to say it. While America slept and went shopping.....somebody was doing their homework.


  Odumba will cancel the sale to appease his communist friends in China. This guy has to go bye bye in 2012. I'm sorry I ever voted for him. What an embarrassment...over and over again.




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